Project Description

Hang: Stand, Hang: Up, Hang: On

Stainless steel door hangers, welded, various dimensions.


A first foray into the welding process and its possible use in sculpture.

The hangers are the type that hook over the tops of doors, brought sometimes by (very organised) traveling guests in order to make up for the absence of hanging space. Each is a multiple of the same basic zig-zag shape, with two depths of angle at each end to suit their use on a cupboard, or inverted, a door.

A number were acquired and different possible assemblies explored as pieces were initially joined with spot welds and then allowed to grow. Interactions with horizontal and vertical surfaces directed decision making of the final forms.

The process of joining the steel hooks together had to balance just enough heat to fuse the two touching metal sections, without melting and blowing a hole through. The resulting, sometimes coarse, welds remain visible, showing the deliberate connection of each hook. The heat discolouration adding a colour contrast to the otherwise neat mass machined brushed steel household product.

  • 'Hang: On' metal sculpture hanging on door
  • 'Hang: On' detail
  • 'Hang: up' installed to ceiling
  • 'installation view of two metal sculptures by Karen Karen