The garden surrounding the current, small home workshop has been used for a few years now as an extended studio space to make work responding to such an environment and for experimenting with outdoor work in general. Seemingly minor interventions will often lead on to more developed strands. As work has increased in quantity, it has successfully welcomed visitors for Open Gardens and Open Studio days for a few years now. Visitors are welcome by arrangement at other times – get in touch via the contact page.

Grass Circles

These now sit within an open section of the garden, previously without much content other than an uneven grass lawn and established specimen trees at the edges. The grass was allowed to grow long in various areas for a couple of seasons, until a circular scheme was devised to interact with the trees, soften the straight edges of the lines of fencing and provide a winding route both visually and physically for the space. Work that can be found in this area includes the Hanging Mirrors.

The Black Border

Devised to provide a formal area for planting and a ‘designated’ display area for sculpture through the incorporation of four plinths into its design. The planting features black related planting, mixed with experimental topiary, and its edging and plinths are black stained oak. Work using the border to date is the topiary ‘Penelope Restrained’, the collaborative work Plinth People, and Hinge and Block.

  • Sculpture garden of artist Karen Karen in Freshwater Bay, Isle of WIght
  • Three circles of grass in summer
  • sculpture made of wood blocks sited in the garden's black border
  • clipped yew topiary with shock cord or bungee lines holding in position
  • hanging mirrors in garden trellis
  • Cable ties art installed near a bird feeder
  • black cable ties on stems
  • cloud pruned leylandii in a border

Horizontals and verticals

Expanding the notion of a garden not only having designated areas for sculpture, some shrubs and furniture carry temporary interventions with a variety of ties, both re-usable and recycled.

The white border adjacent to the studio, features a number of ball-based topiary with a trellis tunnel running behind made of horizontal slats painted black. The work ‘Hanging Mirrors’ can be found in the trellis tunnel.

Coils and Springs

Another area in the garden is a small ‘copse’ like zone – a couple of mature oaks with a previously dense under-canopy of bay trees. The bay’s had all been cut close to the ground on a previous occasion in the past, effectively copicing them, then allowed to grow again unchecked. The resulting multiple stems have since turned into slim twisting trunks. The lower branches were cleared to provide access into and around the area and a small trail snaking around the trees.

In response, hanging springs that sway gently in the wind and bounce when touched fill the intervening vertical air space. Another has been coiled tightly around a young bay trunk as a longer term experiment embedding into a growing tree.

Works experimenting with coiling wire to form springs and interact with other materials and forms have been developed during 2017 – see Do Overs.

  • cloe up of a wire coiled around a tree
  • SpringsandDiscs-garden

Visiting the Studio and Garden


The garden is open to visitors for certain events or by arrangement at other times. As the studio cat considers the garden to be hers, we ask you not to bring dogs if possible.

Please get in touch via the contact page to arrange a day and time or subscribe to the newsletter (link at bottom of page) for news of events or open days.