Project Description


Stainless steel wire, scooter mirror arms, steel dishware, mirror polished stainless steel discs, spruce stand.


Work developed from an initial installation of hanging springs in a wooded corner of my home garden. The coils were made by hand over various diameter forms and assembled using found metal arms and 1960s metal dishware. Discs of mirror polished stainless steel were cut and drilled to thread on to the coils to add punctuation to the composition and add a contrasting movement in the open air.

  • Springs installation in wooded area
  • SpringsandDiscs-garden
  • close up spring sculpture

Guitars & Money

Stainless steel wire, mirror polished stainless steel discs, cedar base.


A work developed from the sounds generated when the original hanging springs are touched or bounced. In a quietened interior space the different pitches of the string sections can be heard and the doubled up metal discs rattle like spare change.