Project Description

Do Overs

Beach pebbles with natural holes, stainless steel wire, playground rubber matting, July 2017.

Variable dimensions based on 30 x 30cm and 12 x 12cm base mats.

A series assembled as small works that allow and encourage reconfiguration of a composition and tactile play with the material nature of one, passing through, in and around the contrasting form of the other.

A small-scale exercise extending the visual play with the void of modernist sculpture by the likes Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore towards a haptic, shared, and changeable experience.

  • springs and rocks artwork
  • different composition of sculpture
  • composition 1
  • composition 2
  • composition 3
  • composition 4

Re-assembly can be done to find an arrangement that engages and satisfies the individual or approached again over time to reconnect and keep the work ‘alive’.