Project Description

Terms and Conditions 2.1

Spalted ash, stainless steel, telescopic inspection mirrors, scooter mirrors, split rings, bulldog clips, castors, line, light and air, 2017.

w40 x h180 x d35cm.

A ‘mobile mobile’ – a development of the initial hanging mirror work ‘Terms and Conditions 1.1’ below, but where the location of the work can be more fluid to track the aspect and position of the sun indoors.

Working again with the mirror both as sculptural form and carrier of both light and image, drawing out its possibilities as a material interacting with the variables of moving air, sunlight and the environment it is sited within.

Mobile sculpture with mirrors
Mirror-mobile-kinetic-art-by- Karen-Karen

Terms and Conditions 1.1

Double faced mirrors, spring clips, telescopic inspection mirrors, swivel hooks, mini bulldog clips, split rings, fishing line, light and air, 2017.

w90 x 120cm.

A work made for interior spaces, suitable for a stairwell or near a window that receives the sun and a passing or rising breeze. Composed from a mix of sourced and adapted ingredients and rectangles of mirror held back to back by generic office stationery. The variety of reflections cast slowly about a given space extend the composition with variety and spontaneity that differs with the time of day and season. Also works well at night with household lighting (eg recessed spotlights).

Detail of mirror segments in hanging mobile

Edition of three (two remaining)